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  • FIBRA and OPTIMA Workshop, during 26th Annual meeting of the AAIC, 16-19 September 2014, Athens, Greece.

Presentations are available on Intranet

    • The evolution of carbon fluxes over the two first years of switchgrass. Nicola Di Virgilio, O. Facini, A. Monti and F. Rossi
    • Trend of temperature and moisture content in stored Arundo donax. Luigi Pari, F. Gallucci, A. Scarfone, S. Figorilli, R. Bellacima, M. Barontini and E. Santangelo
    • Perennial widespread grasses as lignocellulosic source in Mediterranean semi-arid area Danilo Scordia, G. Testa, V. Copani and S.L. Cosentino
    • Switchgrass, miscanthus, and giant reed: growth, yields in Greece. Efthymia Alexopoulou, Y. Papatheohari, M. Christou, I. Papamichael and K. Tsiotas
    • Piptatherum miliaceum: a native perennial grass species for bioenergy production Leornado Sulas, A. Franca, F. Sanna, G.A. Re, R. Melis and C. Porqueddu
    • Crop management of perennial grasses in different environments of the Mediterranean basin. Federica Zanetti, D. Scordia, A. Monti and S.L. Cosentino
    • Saccharum spontaneum L. spp. aegyptiacum (Willd.) Hackel a novel perennial grass for biomass production in semi-arid Mediterranean environment G. Testa, Danilo Scordia, V. Copani, P. Guarnaccia and S.L. Cosentino
    • Influence of crop management in the energy balance of the use of Miscanthus for energy production in Portugal. E. Franco and Ana Luisa Fernando


  • PhD student workshop, The theatre of the Botany Building in Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, 26 June 2014
    • The effect of short low temperature events on switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) cultivars used for biomass production. Ángel Cordero Vicente
    • An investigation of different drought response strategies from diverse Miscanthus genotypes. Evangelia Stavridou.


  • Final workshop organized by Crops2Industry ( entitled Non-food crops for a European bio-based industry and sustainable agriculture, Bologna - Italy, 31/01/2012. Presentation of OPTIMA project. Cosentino SL.


  • Workshop entitled Agronomy and logistics of fibre crops, organized by FIBRA project (, Rome, Italy, 20/03/2013. Presentation of OPTIMA project. Scordia D.


  • Workshop entitled Can European Agriculture Feed Sustainably both the Energy and Biobased Industries of the Future?, organized by FIBRA, OPTIMA and EUROBIOREF. Parallel event on 21st European Biomass Conference, Copenhagen  Denmark, 06/06/2013.
    • Perennial grasses for second generation biofuels and biobased products. Cosentino SL.
    • Marginal land in EU. P.Soldatos (AUA)


  • Workshop entitled Resource Efficiency to achieve the targets of Bioeconomy for 2020, Bella Center - Copenhagen, Denmark, 05 June 2013
    • Roadmap for biomass resource efficiency. Oral presentation by Panoutsou C., IMPERIAL
    • Research projects on cropped biomass sources. Oral presentation by Cosentino S.L., UNICT & Lewandowski I. – OPTIMISC coordinator, University of Hohenheim.


  • FIBRA project: first summer school entitled FIBRA: from production to final use, Catania, Italy, 21-27 July 2013
    • Grass fibres – Agronomy and Yields in Europe. Oral presentation by Christou M., CRES


  • FIBRA twinning and matchmaking event, Wageningen, The Netherlands, 30-31 October 2013
    • OPTIMA: Optimisation of perennial grasses for biomass production in mediterranean area. Mid-term results. Oral presentation by Scordia D., UNICT


  • Workshop entitled Cities of the Future / Desertification, Rectorate Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal, 28 June 2013
    • Phytoremediation of contaminated soils by Arundo donax L. – a strategy to combat desertification. Barbosa B, Fernando AL, 2013. Poster presentation.
    • Phytoremediation response of Arundo donax L. to Zn/Cu contaminated waters – a strategy to combat desertification. Costa J, Fernando AL, 2013. Poster presentation.